Sioux Falls is part of an upcoming documentary, and KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke’s fight against the opioid epidemic is set to be included.

Producer Jeanne Jordan was at the KELOLAND studios on Tuesday talking to Angela about the documentary which eventually will be on HBO and was inspired by a book.

Deborah and James Fallows wrote a book called ‘Our Towns’ where they went around America and looked at small towns or smallish cities that are doing well in America right now, and Sioux Falls is one of the first places they came in 2013,” Jordan said. “HBO optioned their book, and asked us to do a documentary about it, probably two hours, and we chose six cities, all of us together to go to, and Sioux Falls is one of them.”

Jordan says the focus is on what’s significant.

“We’re looking at anything in Sioux Falls that’s happening that’s vital and also problems that the city is trying to overcome,” Jordan said. “For instance, we’re trying to do things with the health care organizations here which are large and thriving in their way, and we’re also doing farming, we’re doing opioids and the whole addiction center at Avera.”

Angela’s fight against the opioid epidemic which took her daughter Emily’s life is part of the documentary. Angela founded the charity Emily’s Hope to fight against the epidemic and addiction’s stigma.

“We have done opioid recovery places around the country in other places and we’re going to talk to Avera here but your story and personal stories are what will make America sit up and learn about this scourge,” Jordan said to Angela.

Jordan is singing Sioux Falls’ praises.

“It’s really a city that is on its way up, and that’s a great thing in America, because so many cities are overcoming real hard times,” Jordan said.