SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The Sioux Falls community showed up to support a recent fundraiser at EmBe. Its closet sale raised thousands of dollars earlier this month.

A little bit of shopping at The Dress for Success closet sale went a long way.

The event raises money to support programming at EmBe.

“It was a wonderful turnout, we do three closet sales a year, we try to hold it in the season we have for clothes, we have a spring, summer, and upcoming one in the fall and so a great turnout,” executive director of women’s programming, Megan Bartel said.

This year, around $14,000 was raised during the closet sale.

“We are working towards getting back to pre-pandemic rates,” Bartel said. “Our last sale this spring we made around $10,000 which obviously we are incredibly grateful for making that amount as well but we were really trying to get back up a little higher than the $10,000 and we were able to do that.”

After a successful sale, the organization is in need of donations to fill its Dress for Success Boutique, as well as have items for the next closet sale in November.

“Typically for our boutique we ask for gently used or even brand new clothing that’s not more than five years old, and really we just want individuals to think of what would you feel comfortable going to an interview in, or your job in,” women’s programming coordinator, Rachel Martens said.

While all donations are appreciated, it’s best to donate something that someone can feel confident in.

“It’s important for us to get quality so we can help individuals in the community,” Martens said.

The organization also accepts monetary donations. One-third of EmBe’s needs are specialty items that they don’t get through donations like certain sizes, winter coats, and steel-toed boots so they have to purchase those items.