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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With issues like the child care crisis, workforce shortage and family financial struggles, there is no shortage of challenges for EmBe as it celebrates 100 years of empowering women, children and families here in Sioux Falls.

Embe is celebrating 100 years of providing support and resources for women and families in their financial, leadership and educational journeys.

Cecelia Sitting Bear is one of these women. The 26-year-old single mom started Embe’s Making Sense Program last May. She came with the goal of becoming a dental hygienist.

“They brought in speakers who would teach us about a certain topic per week and there were things like cyber-security, savings, credit cards, investments,” Sitting Bear said.

A year later she is now taking her next steps to start school to earn her degree. Sitting Bear says the support she received from the organization has made all the difference.

“They are so supportive in every aspect. Being a working mom it just feels- I feel supported knowing there are all these programs here that I can check out,” Sitting Bear said.

Susanne Gale with Embe says the organization has impacted thousands of women and families just like Sitting Bear.

“They know when they come to Embe that they are supported, I think that is so important. Women need other women and we need women who will build up other women,” Gale said.

To celebrate this 100-year milestone, the organization is hosting a Night of Courage fundraising event at the Washington Pavilion. The event will feature keynote speaker Stephanie Land and the money raised will go back to the many programs Embe offers.

“To just know there is an organization like Embe in our community to support women, empower women, have a place where women can gather is just so important,” said Suzanne Gale, Chief Development Officer at Embe.

The event takes place September 28th starting at 6 at the Washington Pavilion, you can find a link for tickets here and for the next 48 hours you can use EmBe Promo Code: COURAGE for $15 off each ticket.