The B-21 bomber is a long-range stealth bomber for the United States Air Force capable of delivering conventional and thermonuclear weapons.

Ellsworth Air Force base is slated to be the first base in the country to have the B-21s.

Senator Mike Rounds, who sits on the armed services committee, says the B-21 is the next generation bomber that the U.S. needs in order to protect itself from other countries, but mostly China.

“They are a real long term threat to the U.S. until such time we have an agreement that we can have confidence in, that we can live side by side we have to be in a position to assure our own security and that means being strong enough to make sure China decides it’s not in their best interest to attack us,” Rounds said.

Not only will Ellsworth Air Force base have the B-21s once they are out of production, it’ll also be a training site for B-21 pilots.

Watch the entire interview with Rounds on the B-21s below.