SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)– Many families are gathering to celebrate the Easter weekend together and it’s meant a boost in business for many local services and small businesses.

“We’ve got really fun Easter ones and other springy ones for you,” Kailyn Roskam at Flyboy Donuts said.

Local businesses have found some creative ways to cater to the spring holiday spirit.

“Easter traditionally wasn’t one that was super busy for us, over the past few years we’ve added a few cute chicks and bunnies and things like that, especially this nice weather really makes people want to get out,” O My Cupcakes owner Melissa Johnson said.

Whether it’s a sweet treat or a pop of color for the Easter table, local businesses are hearing from a lot of customers excited to finally celebrate spring.\

“It’s a busy time. Especially this year, people are just anxious to get out and enjoy the weather and take advantage of the sunshine,” Ann Summa, the co-owner of Bella Rosa Flower Market said. 

Bella Rosa Flower Market has been filling bouquets full of Easter lilies and other spring favorites all week.

“Tulips, they’re a hot ticket item, its hard to fulfill everyone’s tulip order,” Summa said.

It’s all hands on deck to get their influx of orders out the door.

“We have a great staff and everyone does their very best to fulfill what we need to do,” Summa said.

“Our kitchen is like a beehive right now, we’re just prepping and getting as much ready as possible,” Johnson said.

Oh My cupcakes is also staffed up through the weekend to make sure they can finish up all of their extra Easter orders.

“We’re at 61 orders for tomorrow and we know more will come in tonight and tomorrow,” Johnson said.

“We’ve been prepping, getting orders coming in for our Easter dozens,” Roskam said

And at Flyboy donuts, Easter weekend is the third busiest holiday of the year.

“We have pre orders for all our Easter dozens that people order online, then the caramel rolls that are easy to bake, then people after church like to come in and we have a lot of church orders, a lot of it has to do with the Easter holiday and helping churches out,” Roskam said.

It’s also a busy weekend at local restaurants where many are hosting special Easter buffets or menus. If you haven’t made your Easter orders yet, there’s still time to get your orders in online or in store Saturday.