SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s back-to-school season in KELOLAND.

While the new year can bring excitement for students, it can also cause some stress or anxiety.

Wednesday was Patriot Power Day at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls.

It game Gregory Paquette and his family a chance to take care of some tasks and learn the lay of the land as his daughter Cheyenne prepares to enter her freshman year.

“Now she’s not the big fish in a little pond. Now she’s the little fish in a big pond,” Dad Gregory Paquette said.

As the first day draws closer, Paquette is helping his kids transition into a new year.

“Getting them more used to getting up earlier, maybe do a couple dry runs before school starts,” Paquette said.

Sanford integrated health therapist Karla Salem says another way to help is to practice problem-solving with your kids.

“Even just the smaller things, you know, ‘What if you forgot your lunch? What do you think you could do about that?'” Sanford integrated health therapist Karla Salem said.

Salem says younger kids may be more likely to open up about stress or anxiety than older kids.

“Parents can kind of create environments, you know, driving in the car is a really nice way to talk to an adolescent about what’s going on because it’s not so tense. You can ask them ‘What are you thinking about school this year? How are you kind of visualizing it going? What do you think you’re going to enjoy? What do you think might be a little hard for you?'” Salem said.

Paquette says his daughter is now more excited than anything for her freshman year, and her parents are here to help as she opens this new chapter.

“We want to make sure our kids are ready for it, good to go, you know, just so they’re prepared,” Paquette said.

Paquette says the school district’s Connections program also helped his daughter get familiar with her new school.

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