SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As Sioux Falls snow plows focus on keeping emergency routes clear, the side streets are filling in.

Ryan Nett was on his way to the post office when he noticed some vehicles stuck in a snowy situation.

Snow had drifted into this intersection near the southwestern edge of Sioux Falls, making travel tricky.

“It looks like you can make it through until you want to ease through and really if you’re going to try to make it through that kind of thick snow you’ve really got to give it everything and don’t go slow,” Nett said.

For some, the snow stopped them right in their driveway.

The Sioux Falls Police Department posted this photo on Facebook of Lt. Andrew Siebenborn’s patrol car caught up in a drift.

“I appreciate everyone telling me how cool my police car looks in the dark color, but it doesn’t look that cool when it’s stuck in a snow drift,” Siebenborn said.

Siebenborn says if you don’t have to travel, hunker down at home.

“It’s not worth the risk to yourself and if you do get stuck obviously someone has to come get you and it’s difficult times for responders to get around and even the tow truck drivers,” Siebenborn said.

While it’s best to stay put in this storm, it’s good to know there are people like Nett who are happy to lend a hand.

“God would love you to love your neighbor and help everybody you can and that’s the way to do it,” Nett said.