Driver of stolen pickup crashes into two garages

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SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Sioux Falls police are reminding everyone to not leave the keys in your car following a car theft that turned into a demolition derby at a neighborhood on the west side of town.

The driver of a stolen truck plowed into two attached garages. Police were still looking for the driver, who ran off.

The driver of this stolen pickup made a getaway into a garage.

“We have established that a truck was stolen and it crashed into two residences here near 16th and Marion Road,” Sgt. Travis Olsen of the Sioux Falls Police Dept. said.

Police spotted the driver in the vehicle but didn’t give chase because of the wintry weather.

“The vehicle took off from them, officers did not pursue of course keeping public safety in mind, especially with the recent road conditions we’ve been experiencing,” Sgt. Sean Kooistra of the Sioux Falls Police Dept. said

The driver hit one garage, bounced off and plowed into the other, causing enough damage to raise concerns about the garage caving-in.

“This is what we refer to as a possible structural collapse,” Buck Burdick of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue said.

The pickup took out some of the load bearing walls holding up the garage. So Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, with the help of a tow truck operator, used equipment including air bags and the jaws of life to carefully remove the vehicle.

“We’ve tied the suspension of the vehicle together so it can’t move. We’ve lifted the vehicle up in the air, we stabilized the vehicle so it can’t move and then we gently pulled out so that no further damage happened to any of the personnel, the vehicle, or the structures,” Burdick said

Once the pickup was removed, the crew shored up the garage with temporary supports. But it will be up to the homeowners to make the permanent repairs from damage caused by the thief who parked a stolen truck in the wrong place.

Sioux Falls police say thieves have stolen more than 60 vehicles this month alone, including five over the past couple of days.

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