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SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — In this age of the coronavirus, masks will be as plentiful as the bargains during Crazy Days in downtown Sioux Falls.

The annual summer sale started Friday and organizers will be handing out free face coverings for those without masks on Saturday. KELOLAND News stopped by some shops along Phillips Avenue where the staff has been stocking up for the weekend crowds.

When it comes to having face masks to sell to customers, downtown stores like Child’s Play Toys have got you covered.

“We’ve been selling masks for quite a while. We can’t keep up with it. But we did just get more in today,” Child’s Play Toys owner Nancy Savage said.

But this latest batch of masks sewn by store employee Michelle Wigg isn’t likely to last beyond the weekend.

“I have been sewing some smaller batches and yep, there’s been a pretty quick turnaround in the last couple of weeks,” mask-maker Michelle Wigg said.

Downtown Sioux Falls will provide complementary masks during activities here along Phillips Avenue tomorrow. Masks are not required to attend events here at Crazy Days, but some shops along Phillips Avenue do require masks when their customers step inside.

“We require masks in the store because we think it’s the best way to protect the health of our customers and our employees,” Zandbroz Variety owner Jeff Danz said.

Zanbroz Variety has required masks since its reopening in early June. But not everyone agreed with the policy early-on.

“We initially had people who would come in and tell us they were not happy about wearing masks and to be honest, it was a little bit of a drag for our employees’ day, by the end of the day, they were kind of feeling tired of dealing with people who were unhappy with the mask policy,” Danz said.

Some Crazy Days shoppers would like to see the mask-wearing requirement expanded.

“Masks have mostly been proven to stop the virus and I think that’s really important and I think all businesses should be requiring masks,” Madalynne Moody of Worthington, Minn. said.

Danz says his store’s mask requirement likely turned away customers in the beginning. But he says more shoppers are realizing the health benefits for themselves and others when it comes to masking up.

“We’re lucky here in South Dakota that we don’t have things blowing up right now in terms of COVID. But I think if we all started wearing masks, we’ll help it stay that way,” Danz said.

Businesses say because they were shut down earlier this spring because of the coronavirus, Crazy Days shoppers should have a much wider selection of unsold merchandise.

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