SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A coupon book has raised thousands of dollars for a nonprofit organization in Sioux Falls.

A holiday fundraiser saw 32 downtown Sioux Falls businesses sell 432 coupon books, raising nearly $6,500 for a single nonprofit.

“It’s a new nonprofit every year so there’s kind of fresh energy happening and it’s really going to show that the downtown community is really all about giving back,” DTSF Marketing Director Tenley Schwartz said.

This year’s recipient is the Sioux Falls Arts Council.

“Someone who lives here, works here, is creating artwork here is someone who should be supported and encouraged in that and the arts council does an amazing job of making those connections and supporting those folks,” Schwartz said.

“It was pretty impactful for us, kind of proving to us that we’re doing great work and we can be supported by our business community doing that work,” Sioux Falls Arts Council Executive Director Kellen Boice said.

Boice says the dollars will help fund the organization’s Artist Micro Grant program.

“We were able to fund 64 artists last year to the tune of about $29,500 and those were for projects that ranged between $250 and $500,” Boice said.

The artist can use the money in a variety of ways including materials, classes or supplemental income. Boice says creativity doesn’t need restrictions.

“Maybe you took the time off of work to finish the play you were writing and then you were able to put that play on the stage, and that can be life changing,” Boice said.

And the Downtown Gives program will be back for a 12th year this November to help another nonprofit flourish.

“There’s so many layers of feeling good, supporting local, and supporting these nonprofits that are working so hard to make our community better,” Schwartz said.

If you purchased a DTSF coupon book, you have until the end of March to take advantage of the deals.

If you’d like to apply for an Artist Micro Grant, click HERE.