RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Downtown Rapid City has been experiencing a lot of construction on Saint Joseph Street, taking the three lane road down to one this fall.

Following months of slowing down drivers and limiting parking, this downtown construction project will be wrapping up soon.

“We have holidays coming up with parades and everything else. The contractor has been really cooperative with us on this and he’s been working to get everything buttoned up yesterday, today and the first part of next week,” City Engineer Roger Hall said.

The city of Rapid City is taking a strategic approach to the St. Joseph Street Project. Where two-thirds of it will be completed and done by Veterans Day, with the final third getting back up under construction in the springtime.

Downtown business owner Dominique Clucas is thankful for the news.

“You know, I feel for the businesses that were impacted for sure. I have a lot of friends who own businesses downtown who were impacted in a negative way, but also I think we’ve gotta think long term. In the grand scheme of things, it’s really going to help us all out down here and it’s going to bring a lot more people. There’s going to be a lot more parking eventually and so I think overall it’s a great thing,” 6Throne Barbershop Owner Dominique Clucas said.

“I think as people drive through downtown here over the winter, they’ll realize the difference between the work we’ve done this year and what we have to do next year by hitting the joints as they drive in the south lane versus the middle lane and the north lane,” Hall said.

Saint Joseph Street will be fully drivable after this weekend.

Construction will start up again in the spring. The city expects to start the south lane in late April and have it completed before the summer.