SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Department of Transportation crews are rescuing stranded drivers in KELOLAND. Tonight the roads are so dangerous that no travel is advised across much of South Dakota and both interstates remain partially closed.

But people are still driving even in the hardest-hit areas and some are getting stuck. Roads that appear to be drivable, quickly become impassable.

Visibility that seems acceptable turns to a whiteout.

That’s what drivers are experiencing as they try to defy the odds, especially in central South Dakota.

“I know that it’s taken some time to get to those folks based on the location and conditions. I was talking with my counterpart in the Pierre region here this morning and he said that his crews finally got back to their shop at about 2 this morning after going on a rescue mission,” said Travis Dressen the Mitchell Regional Engineer for the DOT.

A number of drivers have underestimated the depth of the snow and the power of the wind.

“If the interstates are closed the secondary roads aren’t going to be any better, said the Highway Patrol’s Lt. Isaac Kurtz.

Troopers and DOT workers are sharing what it looks like out there. This is Highway 83 in Sully County at night.

This is the same highway in daylight and those are stranded vehicles.

Plows try to keep up, but even experienced drivers have their limits. Lt. Kurtz asks people to be patient

“The roads are going to deteriorate very quickly. You may be able to see right now but if you go down the road another 200 feet and the visibility drops to zero,” said Kurtz.

The rescue teams are made up of state highway workers, and when they are on rescue missions it means they are not plowing.

“They put in a lot of long hours and this has certainly been a challenging event,” said Dressen.

No-travel advisories are issued for a reason, and though we may feel the need to drive somewhere, limiting travel is a good idea, not only for your own safety, but for others as well.

“This storm is really slow moving,” said Kurtz. “And it’s just going to take time and to help everybody out just stay home.”

The state sent out a public safety alert this afternoon saying no travel is advised across much of South Dakota because many roads are blocked.