Following the execution of Charles Rhines for killing Donnivan Schaeffer, the victim’s mother Peggy Schaeffer, his father Ed Schaeffer and his fiancé Sheila Jackson spoke.

“This closes the books on Rhines, but we will forever feel the pain and the emotions that Rhines has caused us,” Jackson said.

“This is our son Donnivan,” Peggy Schaeffer said as she held up a picture. “This is his graduation picture. He was taken from us at 22 years, two months and 15 days, is as long as he lived. And we were so blessed to have this young man in our family and in our life.”

“Donnivan firmly believed in the death penalty, and I am very happy that this has taken place,” Jackson said.

“Today is a big day. A day marked with sadness and grief, but also relief and justice,” Peggy Schaeffer said. “But above all, today is a day we talk about Donnivan, the boy who loved his family, fiancé and friends.”

“He was a great person and will be truly missed,” Jackson said.