SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A candidate for the South Dakota House of Representatives has withdrawn his candidacy, months before the November election. 

Logan Manhart announced on Twitter he will be withdrawing from the race after a blog report spurred action from the South Dakota Democratic Party. 

In a statement, the son of Northern State University professor Grant Manhart said: “After consulting with my legal counsel as well as friends and family, I have made the decision that it’s in the best interest for all for me to withdraw from the race.” 

According to candidate paperwork filed with the Secretary of State’s website, Manhart says his mailing and residence address is in Bath, S.D. He also signed his name, under oath, stating he was eligible to run for office. 

Voting records in Wisconsin show Manhart voted in that state on April 6, 2021 and he needed to be a Wisconsin resident for 28 days ahead of that election and could not have also been a resident of South Dakota. 

The South Dakota Constitution requires a candidate to reside in South Dakota for at least two years prior to the general election (Nov. 8, 2022) which would make Manhart’s April 2021 Wisconsin residency ineligible to be a candidate for South Dakota Legislature. 

Manhart said he explored every legal and political option at his disposal, but said he needs to “abide by all rules and laws that have been set forth for this position.” 

“Recent allegations were made that I had not met the full two-year requirement of being a South Dakota resident, and despite being approved to run initially, I cannot proceed,” Manhart wrote. 

Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, Randy Seiler issued a statement about Manhart’s announcement.

“I am glad to see that Logan Manhart did the legal and ethical thing and withdrew from the District 1 House of Representatives race,” Seiler said in an emailed statement. “He was clearly legally ineligible, as defined in the South Dakota Constitution, to seek this seat. This is the right outcome for our democratic process and ensures everyone plays by the same rules, no matter their party affiliation. Thank you to our lawyer Matthew Tysdal whose excellent work made this possible.”

An affidavit filed by both SDDP and District 1 Democratic candidate Steven McCleerey cited an article published by Cory Heidelberger on the blog Dakota Free Press on May 5, 2022 which first detailed Manhart’s voting history in Wisconsin.  

With Manhart withdrawing, District 1 will be represented by at least one Democrat candidate. The three candidates seeking two seats will be Republican incumbent Tamara St. John and Democrats Jennifer Keintz and McCleerey.