SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The shooting in Texas has many parents struggling with how to talk with their children about these kinds of tragedies.

Many parents across the country wondering how to explain the horrific school shooting to their children.

“Asking the children where they’re at and what they understand, and what they are feeling is definitely a place to start,” Sara Van’t Hul, Outpatient Behavioral Manager at Avera Health.

Sara Van’t Hul is an outpatient behavioral manager at Avera Health. She recommends parents be open to communicating with kids about how they are feeling.

“Being there, being present and listening and opening that door. It can be kind of scary at first for parents but in the long run, it’s so beneficial for your kids to be able to have that communication,” Van’t Hul said.

And keep an eye out for signs of distress.

“Increased irritability, withdrawn behaviors, if you’re seeing them retreat into their rooms quite often. You know being able to monitor that as well,” Van’t Hul said.

Van’t Hul also recommends taking a break from social media and implementing self-care to manage stress.

“Finding structure, being able to identify the positives (in life), limiting that screen time, and limiting the amount of energy you’re spending on worrying about some of these things we have no control over,” Van’t Hul said.

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