SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Kids of all ages are getting the opportunity to learn more about the aviation industry.

This Thursday, you’ll have the chance to see over a dozen aircraft, balloons and air ambulances at the Discover Aviation Day. The event provides visitors with hands-on experiences, everything from climbing in plane cockpits to learning about area’s of the field aside from flying.

From the latest flight in technology, to vintage air ambulances, you will be able to see it all at the 3rd annual Discover Aviation Day.

“Basically, what we want to do is promote anything that’s aviation related, and that’s more than the plane and the pilots. It’s everything into space now,” said Rick Tupper, Sioux Falls Airshow Board member.

There will be hands on experiences for kids of all ages, you will even be able to climb in to the cockpit and look around.

“You can connect so much more when you can actually hook the theory to the operations,” said Jim Nelson, President of Aerostar. “So we like to show the engineering, the operations, what does the actual product look like, and how you can be part of it.”

“I hope that when they come out and see the aircraft and see how we have it set up for patient care, at a young age sometimes they come up and see the cockpit and that gets them interested because it can somewhat maybe feel like a video game. There’s a lot going on up front and kids that like adventure and going from place to place might find that this is a good opportunity for them,” said Mike Christianson, system executive director for air transportation, Sanford Health.

At least a dozen aircraft will be on display.

“We’ll have everything from the South Dakota army guard is bringing a Black Hawk helicopter, to the air guard is bringing an F16, we will have air ambulances,” said Tupper.

They are hoping this event sparks interest in planes, but also show attendees all the steps it takes to get to the sky.

“You’re trying to connect the dots if you will and it’s everything from the flashy catch their eyes will the airplanes, down to what it takes to fly an airplane and what it takes to be aviation related,” said Tupper.

Discover Aviation is a free event open to everyone. It will take place this Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Maverick Air Center in Sioux Falls. You can find more information here.