SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — It’s going to be a weekend of digging out for many people following the winter storm that brought lightning, thunder and heavy snow across KELOLAND. Sioux Falls saw anywhere from 7-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half inches come down. Some homeowners have been on dig-out duty since the snow first started falling.

Winter rumbled into Sioux Falls with a thunderous echo through the snow-swept neighborhoods.

“I did hear the thunder. It was a little weird,” Scott Aanenson said.

The winter weirdness gave way to a big cleanup chore for people like Scott Aanenson who struggled to get traction on his riding snowblower.

“It’s a little heavy. Not bad. But it’s slippery underneath so, a lot of spinning,” Aaanenson said

Aanenson’s 10-year-old son Austin had a late start to school so he joined in the digging out.

“Hmmm. Not that fun,” Austin said.

Some homeowners tried to stay ahead of the snow by venturing out last night.

“I started at 10:30 and shoveled like crazy and then I wore out, so I went back in and came out this morning to start again,” Diana Gregory said.

Steve Fessler of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is using part of his vacation day to dig out. But work is never far from his mind, especially when it comes to making sure hydrants are free of snow, so firefighters won’t struggle hooking up their hoses.

“If you have one in your neighborhood, to get out there and scoop it out. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of your house or if it’s down the street. Make sure they’re scooped out and available for fire,” Fessler said.

The noise from the thunder-snow was followed by a coating of calm, giving shovelers a sense of holiday serenity as they dug out.

“It’s beautiful out actually because there’s no wind, it’s like a winter wonderland,” Gregory said.

People we spoke with say shoveling was easier Thursday night because the snow was much fluffier than Friday when it became more compacted and tougher to scrape off the sidewalks.