SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — In the mist of high political tensions, the Fourth of July has a different meaning for everyone.

People lined up and down Phillips Avenue Monday for the Fourth of July parade…

“It’s exciting to see a city like this coming together, especially on a national birthday and especially with everything going on, it’s nice to see people come together,” Joe Korpiewski said.

…To watch and celebrate as a community.

“A lot of people that fought for us, to defend our freedom, we gotta celebrate it but we also gotta remember how much they gave,” Royal Selken said.

“I think it’s a thing that brings the community together because so many times there are things that tear apart a community and parades are one of those things that can bring us together,” David Cutshall said.

“It’s great that we can all come together on a day and forget what’s different and remember what we share. The values that we share which are freedom, being able to participate in our government,” Jennifer Selken said.

In the midst of high political tensions, health crises and economical struggles, many parade-goers expressed hope for the country.

“I feel like if we just spread a little bit more love within the country we could all come together and be united again,” Kendra Jensen said.

“In the future, we gotta work through some things and we’re doing that and I think that we will make it through, we’ll get through it,” Nancy Cutshall said.

In addition to the parade, there was also a fun run at the Falls Overlook Cafe and a picnic in Falls Park.