RAPID CITY S.D. (KELO) — Next week is Diaper Need Awareness Week in Rapid City

For the 8th year in a row, the city is partnering with the Volunteers of America for diaper needs.

50% of families, at some point, experience not having enough diapers for their children. This event is to help out those in need with kids ages 5 and under.

“They don’t have to prove their income, they don’t have to prove if they’re working or where they’re living or anything because we believe that children should be safe and dry and healthy and having a clean diaper really ensures that,” Program Manager for Outreach Laura Hamm said.

Rapid City Mayor Jason Salamun signed and proclaimed next week to be Diaper Need Awareness Week.

“We want Rapid City to be a great place to raise a family, and a great place for kids to thrive. And that begins when they’re young and obviously having a fresh clean diaper, and if you’ve ever raised children you know what that feels like, I mean it’s incredible,” Mayor Jason Salamun said.

During this over week-long event, you can donate any size diaper. Even though size 5’s are what’s needed due to three times more use of those, any donation is welcome.

“We know that Rapid City is full of very generous spirits that don’t always necessarily know how to direct that generosity. So we use this as an opportunity to tell people this is what we need and how we need it,” Hamm said.

Departments in Rapid City hold healthy competitions in hopes to raise the most for this cause.

“So I’m going to challenge the community, tap into that spirit of generosity. Bring your diapers to our collection points. Let’s see if we can beat this 17,000 number to make sure that the next generation has a great chance for a bright future,” Mayor Salamun said.

The collecting points next week will be the Station 2 Fire Department, Public Library, City Hall, Public Safety Building and at Mommy’s Closet.