UPDATED at 9:55:

Authorities say they’re limiting who can come into Sibley. Only elderly folks or those who need to get in for medications are being allowed into the town.

They plan on letting the fire burn out, probably overnight. Authorities say they’re worried whatever is burning is toxic to inhale.

NEAR SIBLEY, IOWA (KELO) – KELOLAND News is following developing news near Sibley, Iowa. Crews have responded to a train derailment.

A KELOLAND viewer submitted this video of the train derailment:

Video courtesy: Nathan Minten

A resident in Sibley is reporting that there is an evacuation order in the area.

KELOLAND News is on the scene. We’ll update this story as more details are available.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Patients have not been evacuated from the local hospital.