WALL, S.D. (KELO) — A Pennington County Deputy helped save a man from a burning building Monday night. It happened as flames were engulfing the Cactus Café and Lounge in Wall.

Deputy Chris Lindquist was on patrol when he spotted smoke coming from the Cactus Cafe and Lounge.

He ran to the building and could hear people on the roof screaming for help.

“There were four civilians that were yelling and screaming that there was somebody inside. I could not see anybody inside at the time but they were able to get his arm out of the window and at that time I was able to assist them with yanking him out of there and getting them all to safety,” Deputy Lindquist said.

It was a quick decision and a dangerous situation.

“It was rapidly evolving. You really have to weigh the pros and the cons in the situation and the safety of the public and my safety as well but ultimately we were able to get him out safely and it was a good conclusion,” Deputy Lindquist said.

While Deputy Lindquist was able to save lives in Monday night’s fire, he lost something very important.

“My wife, I thought she was going to kill me but I lost my wedding ring during the incident. When we pulled him out of the window, my finger racked on it and the structure collapsed after we got people to safety,” Deputy Lindquist said.

Deputy Lindquist knows he put himself in danger that night. He was treated for smoke inhalation. He also knows he couldn’t have done it alone.

“I just want to thank all of the Volunteer Fire Departments and everybody that responded, all the first responders that save lives every day,” Deputy Lindquist said.

Deputy Lindquist is already back to work. He feels just fine today after being sent to the hospital after Monday night’s fire and is ready for his next shift.