SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Tomar Park is one of the areas that took on major flooding last spring. This year, the City of Sioux Falls is looking to help people living in that area.

Over the next few years, the city is offering a voluntary buy-out program for residents of the area who are looking to move in anticipation of future flooding.

It’s been almost a year since the spring flood overtook the Rose-Lotta neighborhood just south of Tomar Park. The effects of the event still ripple through to this day.

“It’s still tough, you know? We sandbagged everything too, but it’s hard for those persons who lost, basically, their homes; Most individuals on this street are older individuals who have been living here a long time,” Resident Daniel Armenta said.

Armenta and his family’s home sits higher than others. They suffered minor damage to their shed and garage. They have been living in their home on Rose Street for 10 years.

“They had the fire team come in with their little boat to get some of our neighbors on the east side over here because they were stuck inside their home and a lot of the houses here have basements too,” Armenta said.

In 2019, eight homeowners chose to sell what remained of their property to the city through a voluntary buy-out.

“Five of those homes will be demolished. Three of those homes will actually be working with SECOG – Southeast Council of Governments, to actually move those three homes. We’re not sure what actual neighborhoods they’ll be moved to – or location – throughout the city,” Planning and Development Services Manager for the City of Sioux Falls Matt Tobias said.

The goal is to turn the area into a full-on green space. The city is keeping its offer open to residents who decide to move in the future.

“This is something that we have budgeted money in our CIP for the next, three, four, five years,” Tobias said

Despite the chance for flooding this Spring, Armenta and his family plan on keeping their heads above water.

“Our shed out there, we lifted that up a couple of feet too. So, just sandbag everything and just hope for the best I guess,” Armenta said

Relocation and demolition of the homes begins Friday. For more information on the city’s plan for flood management, you can visit the city’s website.