SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Post-Christmas travel is in full swing for some people today, including at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Some are still flying into South Dakota for the holiday and others are headed back home.

Tanner and Lexi Munk were visiting family in South Dakota for the holiday, but it wasn’t an easy process getting here.

“We were going to fly out of Nashville because it was cheaper and got cancelled about five hours before our flight, so then we ended up going to Nashville to Chicago Friday morning, and then we were suppose to go from there to Omaha. Well then our connecting flight got delayed because of snow in Nashville, so then we booked another flight to Des Moines. We missed that one because of the delay, so then we booked a flight to Sioux City,” Tanner Munk said.

Munk says they ended up getting a rental car in Sioux City and driving up to Sioux Falls. Now, they’re delayed once again headed home.

“Very frustrating. Probably the most frustrating trip I’ve been on in awhile. We were just sitting in the plane while all of our flights were going right past us,” Tanner said.

Daniel and Nicole Pollen from Spirit Lake, Iowa, are also headed to Nashville for the Tennessee Titans game later this week. It’s Daniel’s 40th birthday Thursday and Nicole surprised him with game tickets. The travel process hasn’t gone smoothly for them either.

“Our flight’s been delayed three times now. It was supposed to be at 7:30 this morning and now it’s at 1:15. And we had a Chicago flight that we had to move. Spent three hours on hold on the phone with the airport and Priceline or online, so that was fun trying to figure where we could go and move days and stuff like that,” Nicole said.

Stephen Hersey flew in from Columbus, Ohio, to see family in South Dakota, and he said a staffing issue led to delays.

“Tried to get in last evening from Chicago. Got a delayed flight. Had to sleep over there. Finally got in today, so we’ll be celebrating Christmas. Excited to do it with family,” he said.

According to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport’s website, most of the flights Monday evening into Tuesday morning are currently on time.