SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — ‘It was a traumatic event for Sioux Falls.’ Those are the words of Judge Camela Theeler before she handed down her sentence Tuesday for one of the defendants involved in the May 31, 2020 riots near the Empire Mall.

As part of a plea deal, 21-Year-old Dantrez Isaac received a three-year prison sentence on a charge of third-degree burglary.

It stems from the night he and three others were captured on surveillance video breaking into Riddle’s Jewelry, the night chaos erupted near the Empire Mall.

In court today, prosecutors say this was not just a crime of opportunity, but a crime that was well thought out and planned.

According to court papers, earlier that day four people, including Isaac, went to a Walmart to get items like gloves and a crowbar that were used in the break-in.

But Isaac’s defense lawyer said her client was not the mastermind behind this, he was the follower.

Before handing down her sentence, Judge Theeler said the events the night of May 31st involved a lot of young people who made bad decisions and didn’t consider the consequences.

She commended detectives on their hard work in finding a number of the suspects who were involved in a lot of the crimes that were committed that night.

For his part, Isaac accepted responsibility for his actions and said he let his family down and he wants to use this to correct his actions and improve his life.

He read from a two page letter he wrote while behind bars.

“Just because you can see the whole staircase, you don’t have to do them all at once, take one step at a time and pleading guilty today is my first step,” Isaac said.

On Monday, a judge sentenced Isaac to a year and a half in federal prison for breaking into a Mitchell pawnshop with two other men and stealing 15 shotguns and pistols.

They committed that crime the same morning as the Sioux Falls break-in.

Isaac’s three-year prison sentence Tuesday will run concurrently with his federal sentence.