SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With more people outside doing yard work and landscaping projects, you need to make sure sidewalks and roadways are clear of lawn clippings.

“It’s a common courtesy. We ask all of our residents to not blow their glass clippings on the street. Retain those back in your yard, because it does pose a threat as you’re driving your bike,” Sioux Falls planning and development services manager Matt Tobias said.

It’s also that time of year for bicyclists and motorcyclists to get outside to enjoy the warm weather. Spoke-N-Sport mechanic Isaac Kaske rides his bicycle to work everyday.

“If you did just do a bunch of landscaping, make sure that your rocks, you know, the large rocks are cleaned up. Hitting those on a bike is definitely pretty dangerous. Hitting those even on a motorcycle, and a car even, can launch them,” he said.

Peter Oien often drives his motorcycle to work.

“Your traction is fairly limited on a motorcycle, especially when turning, so loose things like grass clippings or gravel or construction debris and that sort of stuff can definitely pose a hazard,” he said.

While grass clippings and other debris can pose a hazard for people riding on a bicycle or motorcycle, it can cause even more issues if it enters the storm drainage system.

“Sweep them up, pick them up and dispose of them at the landfill or through their garbage hauler. The storm inlets themselves, if you get a large accumulation of them, the clippings can block up the flows and the pipes and the inlets,” Sioux Falls city engineer Andy Berg said.

It can also cause additional pollution if it enters the Big Sioux River from the drainage system.

To dispose lawn clippings properly, reach out to your garbage service or the city landfill.