SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While Election Day is only 27 days away, another deadline is looming: to cast a ballot in South Dakota, you must be registered to vote by Monday, October 24. KELOLAND News heard on Wednesday from those for and against Initiated Measure 27, which if passed would legalize recreational marijuana for people 21 years old and older in the state; Yes on 27 has plans for a voter registration tour across the state and Protecting South Dakota Kids is also planning to be active.

“The more events we do, the more that people call us to do them, like I said, I think I did 10 events last week,” said Jim Kinyon, who is chair of Protecting South Dakota Kids. “That was just me as a campaign chair, and there were multiple other events that were held across the state by volunteers.”

“We’ll be promoting this and getting the word out as best we can,” said Matthew Schweich, campaign manager for Yes on 27. “Again the goals are to register voters, update voter registrations. We do a lot of that work, answer questions, and if you are on the fence about Measure 27, please come to our events, have a conversation with us.”

Schweich says he and his opponents do agree on something.

“I have the same goal as them, which is I don’t want kids having access to cannabis,” Schweich said. “Where we differ is the approach. They want to use a failed policy of prohibition that has not succeeded.”

Kinyon says Initiated Measure 27 passing would make South Dakota worse.

“This will not make us a better community and for the profit of a few individuals,” Kinyon said. “I’m begging our moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas to get to their feet and defend our kids, our families.”

No matter your vote, the countdown is on for those on both sides of IM 27 to spread their message.

“Trying to do that while doing full-time jobs, yeah absolutely, as best we can, and as many people as we can get to help host events,” Kinyon said. “We’ll do the best we can.”

“I think this is a close race,” Schweich said. “We need our people to come out and vote. We need people to register to vote; we cannot be complacent.”

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