SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek’s written account of what happened the night Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s car crashed and killed Joe Boever has been released as part of the large investigative file. 

Hundreds of files, photos and messages have been made public by the South Dakota Legislative Research Council after the House Select Committee on Investigation voted 6-2 to not recommend impeachment. 

Sheriff Volek was the first law enforcement member on the scene and died in 2021. 

According to a written account of what happened, Volek said he received a call about the Ravnsborg crash at 10:30 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2020 and recognized the driver as Ravnsborg. You can hear the call Volek took from 911 dispatch.

“Ravnsborg told me that he hit something and he walked along the road but didn’t see anything in the ditch,” Volek wrote. “Then we walked along the road together looking for a deer or something in the ditch and didn’t see anything. It was very dark and it was difficult to see.” 

You can read Volek’s written account dated September 12, 2020, below.

Volek notes he did not observe any sign of impairment or smell any alcohol on Ravnsborg. The two went to Volek’s house which was a half mile from the crash scene and Volek allowed Ravnsborg to take his car back to Pierre. Volek said he then turned on his red lights to stop Ravnsborg because he forgot to get his keys to Ravnsborg’s car which would be needed by the tow truck driver. 

“While waiting for the tow truck I saw something glowing in the grass about 50 yards east of Ravnsborg’s car,” Volek wrote. “I walked the highway and ditch with a flashlight. The glow was something that looked like a light that had come off of Ravnsborg’s car still lit. I didn’t see anything related to the accident except the light.” 

Volek said the next day, at 8 a.m., Ravnsborg and his chief of staff Tim Bormann came to his house to return his car. Ravnsborg told him he hit a person and he had just come from the crash scene. 

“I told Ravnsborg to write a statement. I told Bormann to stay with him. I told Bormann and Ravnsborg that I was going to call DCI and HIghway Patrol and they left the scene,” Volek said. “DCI agent Hank Prim contacted me and told me to block the area of the accident until Highway Patrol and DCI arrived to take over.” 

In his call to DCI, Volek said “I have a dead body in the ditch.”

Volek said after he secured the crash scene, he received a call from Victor Nemec asking if the coned off area had anything to do with his cousin Joe Boever.