LAREDO, T.X. (KCAU) — The suspect in a murder that happened at an apartment complex in the Dakota Dunes is now being extradited.

According to the Webb County Jail, the jail where Alfredo Castellanos-Rosales, 39, of Sioux City was being held in Texas, Castellanos-Rosales was released from jail on Wednesday.

Alfredo Castellanos-Rosales Courtesy Webb County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office

An official with the Webb County Jail told KCAU 9 on the phone that Castellanos-Rosales is en route back to Union County. They declined to tell us the time of his release due to security concerns.

Castellanos-Rosales is accused of killing Jordan Beardshear at the Wellington in the Dunes apartments in Dakota Dunes back in April.

A warrant for his arrest was filed on April 27, and he was arrested in Mexico on May 12. Shortly after his arrest, he was expelled from Mexico and arrested by authorities in Laredo, Texas.

Castellanos-Rosales is currently facing charges of first-degree murder and second-degree murder.