SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Fans of all ages gathered Friday to watch the United States versus England in the World Cup game. Players and families from the Dakota Alliance Soccer Club in Sioux Falls even hosted a special event downtown.

People packed the Belbas Theater inside the Washington Pavilion downtown for the private watch party Friday afternoon. Most of the people there were rooting on the United States, but there wasn’t a complete absence of England fans.

It was a theater full of excitement as soccer fans cheered on their favorite teams for the World Cup. However, one fan is in unfriendly territory.

“I am originally from England. I’ve been here for 22 years now,” James Oppenheimer said.

Oppenheimer is the director of business relations and a coach for Dakota Alliance. He says it’s a little intimidating watching the game with over 200 fans rooting for the USA.

“It’s been a buzz in there. When I wave my England flag I get booed quite a bit. And there’s a lot of USA chants going on, which has been great, it’s got a bit of a game atmosphere. Bit of a true soccer exciting European-style atmosphere, which is great,” he said.

Players of all ages were enjoying the game including Griffey May, Braxton Janssen, Jack Brockmeier and other players on their team.

“It feels nice. I hope USA wins, and just fun hanging out with them watching TV and stuff,” May said.

“I think it’s super fun and it’s the World Cup and it happens once every four years, and it’s fun because we don’t do this a lot,” Janssen said.

“I kind of agree with Braxton. Like I didn’t really watch the World Cup when I was six, so now I get to watch it with my buddies so it’s fun,” Brockmeier.

Oppenheimer says they call themselves, “more than a club.”

“We try to get our whole club together as much as we can for events, so rather than just teams watching it, it’s good to have a couple of hundred people from our club here showing the support that soccer has in the U.S. and getting excited to watch from soccer. Cheer on the USA,” Oppenheimer said.

And for all these soccer fans, the day didn’t include just watching the game.

“We have a float in the parade tonight. We did a 4×4 tournament this morning, so we’re trying to make this full of soccer for the Sioux Falls community, and Dakota Alliance is excited to continue to promote that,” Oppenheimer said.

And while Oppenheimer may be rooting for his homeland loud and proud, he’s got quite a few people against him.

“USA! USA! USA! USA!” the team chanted.

And Oppemheimer says Dakota Alliance has over 3,000 players in the club from as young as three years old all the way to an adult league.

That isn’t the only place people gathered to watch the game.

Lots of fans packed an area right outside the Gateway Lounge in Sioux Falls where they had the game on the big screen so people could enjoy the nice weather.

Tyler Limmer from Brandon is a soccer coach at Northwestern College in Iowa.

“Everybody’s here supporting the U.S. A lot of people I don’t know here. It’s fantastic to see. I know a lot of people from the town that are in the soccer community, and I don’t know a lot of people here, so it’s just cool to see a lot of new faces,” Limmer said.

The USA-England game ended in a scoreless draw. USA now takes on Iran on Tuesday with a start time of 1:00 p.m. central time.