Father’s Day is a chance to spend time with him if he is still with us. Time spent together in 2020 might look a little different.

The sights and sounds at Good Earth State Park welcomed families who took to the trails.

“It’s amazing because this is one of our favorite places to come,” Harrisburg father Jeff Lenning said. “It’s so beautiful and scenery and I love hanging out with the family and spending some good time with them, so yeah, we love it here.”

During a pandemic, getting outdoors is a great way to stay distant while still doing something enjoyable- especially when dad is right there by your side.

“You know, especially during this whole pandemic, you try to stay positive for them,” Sioux Falls father Steve Connell said. “Try to just let them know that they’re going to be okay. Be protective of them. This will pass, and just give them peace of mind through this whole thing that none of us have gone through before, but we try to get through it together.”

For Chris Croghan and his daughter Sara, this day has always been uniquely special.

“She was born actually on Father’s Day, so Father’s Day has always been important to me and it’s just great to be able to spend time with her and enjoy that time,” Sioux Falls father Chris Croghan said.

Hiking the trails and spending time with each other gives families a chance to relax and unwind amid everything happening in 2020.

“It’s super awesome,” Chris’s daughter Sara Croghan said. “I think it’s a great excuse to kind of just take time away from everything busy and just relax for a day and appreciate what’s around you. You know, especially with all this going on it’s just a great opportunity to slow down.”

“Focus in on the relationships that are important to you even with all that other stuff that can distract you,” Chris Croghan said. “To be able to actually take time with the people that are most important to you is a blessing.”

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks had free park entrance as well as free fishing today.