SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Cynthia and Tunis Lomax were married in April 2016; the seventh anniversary of that special date passed less than two weeks ago.

“If anybody asked me who your husband was, he’s just a kind, loving person that anybody would want to be around,” Cynthia Lomax said.

Now, someone is charged with the murder of her husband. It’s welcomed news for her.

“I’m happy,” Lomax said. “I feel good because that’s what we’ve been hoping for. As a family we wanted justice.”

She and Tunis had three kids together; they’re one, four and 13 years old. Their mother feels a weight lifted off her shoulders.

“It gave me some relief,” Lomax said. “At least I’m able to sleep, because since this happened, I haven’t been having no piece of mind.”

Next Tuesday is her late husband’s birthday; he would have been 37 years old. She’s planning on visiting his grave.

“Since we buried him, I haven’t gone back there,” Lomax said. “I just feel like it’s just too much for me, so I just gave myself some time to heal.”

The family man whom she says was full of laughter isn’t physically with his wife and kids anymore. But his widow says he has not left them.

“I know he’s with us in spirit,” Lomax said.

Cynthia said us she’s thankful for the police department’s work.