SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — All of last week’s snow and the frigid cold temperatures left Sioux Falls streets snow packed and slippery.

The warmer temperatures are allowing crews to make progress in clearing the now slushy snow off the roads.

The City of Sioux Falls has had a busy week of clean-up.

“With that blowing wind we had last week, as well, we’re finally getting snow picked up, which is allowed us to try to make some more room for potential future snows,” said Daniel Whipple, Street Maintenance Supervisor.

The City of Sioux Falls has been working for the past 36 hours to clear snow off of the roads and has been dumping it at one of the many dump sites around the city.

Whipple says they have been hauling snow continuously with 50 trucks, hauling over 1000 loads of snow.

Snow hauler Jamie Ferrie says she made over 6 trips to the snow dump yesterday.

Today she’s back out on Minnesota Avenue with some simple requests for drivers.

“Keeping your distance would be a great one. I’ve seen a couple of times where people try and sneak past but they ended up just getting stuck behind the blower just being patient honestly,” Ferrie said.

Crews are now preparing for the next round of snow.

“So all the emergencies and secondary’s we did over the last couple of days, we’ve cleaned them all up. Our main focus for the last day and a half has been picking up emergency routes and getting some additional storage for the future snows,” Whipple said.

The City did not issue a snow alert for this past storm which means they will not be plowing every street.

If you need your side street plowed you can make a request on the City’s website.