SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Nearly 130 kids and adults were listed as missing on South Dakota’s Missing Persons Clearinghouse website as of Monday afternoon.

Some were reported as recently as Sunday, while the oldest cases on the website date back to the 1970s.

A re-vamped missing persons website launched in South Dakota last summer, thanks to funding from the legislature.

“As we’ve gotten some more recent attention to missing persons, we’ve been able to add features like the result count was actually just added in the last week or two because the public was asking for it,” SD Missing Persons Clearinghouse manager Bonnie Feller Hagen said.

Feller Hagen is the manager of the Missing Persons Clearinghouse. She says people are added and removed from the website every day. For the past month, active entries have hovered around 130-140.

“In a year, in the juvenile category, probably close to 1,800 entries are made and about 1,800 entries are removed,” Feller Hagen said.

The website includes reports from across the state including Sioux Falls.

A police spokesperson says the city has about 500-600 runaway reports a year, but a majority are found within a day or two.

“With juveniles, with runaways, basically they can be considered a runway if they’re at a place where they’re not supposed to be. So that may be they’re not at home where they’re supposed to be. Sometimes it could be that they take off and go to a friend’s house. Sometimes the parents even know where the kid is, but they just don’t want to come home or refuse to come home,” Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said.

No matter why someone is missing, the Clearinghouse website can be one tool to help find them.

“If you have a missing person in your life, my best advice is do not delay in reporting them to law enforcement. Report them as soon as you realize they’re missing,” Feller Hagen said.

South Dakota’s Missing Persons Clearing house is tied to the National Crime Information Center.

When a law enforcement agency enters information into the national database, it populates the website.