SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Downtown Sioux Falls was the place to be for burgers all through January. And now a new winner has been crowned in this year’s Burger Battle.

Thirty-two restaurants battled it out in hopes of claiming this year’s title.

Crawford’s was awarded the winner with their Truffle Jam Burger.

“We were thinking truffle and all of a sudden it bloomed into what it was, it was a pretzel bun, homemade tomato jam, pretzel cheese spread and baby arugula,” general manager, Crawford’s, Daniel Myers said.

This year more than 47,000 burgers were sold, that compares to over 40,000 last year.

“The turnout was amazing, every year we kind of think how are we going to top it, it was a great year last year, and then we came back with 32 restaurants, a couple places who had never done it before, it was just amazing, the community came out and supported they said ‘yes, this is not too many burgers, we’re going to try so many places,'” DTSF marketing manager, Tenley Schwartz said.

Myers says during the month-long competition the restaurant sold just under 2,500 burgers. Which topped the amount sold last year.

“When you’re looking at last year, and I think our last year, we were just under 1,300 so it’s over doubled for us, brought in a bunch of new customers that we weren’t used to seeing and hopefully and hopefully it brings in more potential customers in the future,” Myers said.

A burger filled month that downtown Sioux Falls only hopes continues to grow.

“I think if any community can make this a bigger, better event, it’s Sioux Falls, we have so much support here,” Schwartz said.

Over 24,000 votes were counted in January. Burgers were judged in five categories: patty, bun, toppings, creativity, and customer service.