SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Wildlife officers are searching for a couple of coyotes at the outdoor campus in Sioux Falls.

It seems the coyotes got a little too friendly with a woman walking with her dogs over the weekend.

The woman picked up her pets and ran. She reported that the coyotes chased her for a while. Now, officers are using traps to try to catch the coyotes.

“The coyotes in town, they are kind of docile. they love to be around trees and wooded areas. But if they do starting coming into your yards, trying to play with your pets or trying to attack your animals then you need to contact Animal Control”, said Animal Control Supervisor Patty Beckman.

If you come in contact with coyotes experts agree you should remain calm, make yourself look as big as possible and slowly back away while leaving the area.