ETHAN, S.D. (KELO) — It’s an exciting time for KELOLAND, as the cow cam is back on, taking our viewers inside a calving barn.

This year, the cow cam is at a new farm, but still bringing viewers great live coverage of what calving season looks like for South Dakota farmers and ranchers.

Hours before, this little calf could be seen entering the world over the KELOLAND Cow cam. This year, the camera is showing the calf barns at Guericke Cattle Company.

“We’ve had cameras for the last several years and especially when you start calving the first of February, it makes it so much easier than getting dressed and going out every half hour checking,” said Doug Guericke.

Guericke checks the cameras every half hour and they help him spot calving trouble quickly.

“Just trying to avoid when it’s 18 below zero a new calf outside isn’t going to last very long. So if we keep checking the cameras every half hour we are trying to avoid that and it’s been working out great so far,” said Guericke.

The cow cam not only allows the farmer to check their calves, but it also brings KELOLAND viewers inside the barn to see calving for themselves.

“Viewers you know get excited about being able to watch the animals of course, it’s definitely a newsroom favorite also to put cow cam on for a little bit and just kind of relax and see what’s happening out there,” said Karen Sherman, digital content manager for KELOLAND Media Group.

“I think it’s really awesome not only for just for city kids but other people as well, to see how a calf is born and then you raise it and you know ship it off,” said Tessa Hertle with Guericke Cattle Company.

Last year alone the cow cam reached over 50,000 viewers. They hope this year the camera continues to reach more people and educate the public on the livestock industry.

“If they’ve never been around cattle they think they can just go to the grocery store and buy a package of meat, they don’t know, have the education of what goes into producing that steak,” siad Guericke.

If you are interested in watching the cow cam it is running now until around the beginning of April. If you would like to ask the producer questions, you can contact Doug Guericke at (605) 770-4568.