SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — March Madness has crowned its champions. Now, Mash Madness has a winner of its own. So, which craft beer emerged victorious during the seventh annual event in downtown Sioux Falls?

After 31 days of competition, the Mash Madness champion is a familiar one, with Covert Artisan Ales collecting its second straight title.

“They won out of five breweries, slinging a brand new craft beer this month,” DTSF Marketing Director Tenley Schwartz said.

The winning brew is a Pineapple Hwhip, featuring everything from fruit to a complete ice cream cone.

“This year we saw a lot of tropical beers. I think all of us are really excited for spring to finally come,” Schwartz said.

“It was inspired the amusement park confections with the pineapple and the soft serve and sugar cone, something you’d want to drink on a hot day,” Covert Artisan Ales owner Stacey Berry said.

Stacey Berry owns Covert Artisan Ales and says the competition provides a timely boost for business.

“Having an event like this really brings people out, it really supports the community. Sioux Falls has an amazing community where everybody wants to come out and support but this is just like that little extra reason,” Berry said.

The five breweries sold more than 5,000 beers during Mash Madness. That’s nearly $37,000 worth of craft beer, but the economic impact extends well beyond brews.

“We saw an economic impact of over $150,000, so any time you have folks coming downtown, enjoying what it has to offer, those dollars that are spent stay local,” Schwartz said.

A month-long event that’s a win for businesses and customers.

“It’s pretty simple to go to five breweries and try some beers, so we see increased numbers of people coming, trying them all. It’s pretty low stakes, pretty easy to get involved,” Schwartz said.

If you weren’t among the nearly 900 people to purchase a Pineapple Hwhip, the winning entry remains on tap at Covert Artisan Ales.