SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As thousands of bikers are heading back home from Sturgis this weekend, one couple decided to bring a piece of Sturgis here to Sioux Falls for a special day.

Travis Goeden proposed to his girlfriend, now wife, Alicia at the JL Harley Davidson shop here in Sioux Falls.

“We love to ride, we call it wind therapy. So it was kind of the plan from the get go,” Goeden said.

When they were planning their wedding, they originally wanted to get married at Sturgis. But when planning didn’t work, they decided to host their wedding at Harley Davidson.

“We originally did then, and we thought that was going to be a little too much for the logistics side. So we chose this, it was the best. This was the best venue,” Goeden said.

After the ceremony, the duo rode their bikes to their previous date spots and then down to Mission Hill for their reception.