CORSON, S.D. (KELO) — On Saturday, the Mighty Corson Art Players celebrated the 40th anniversary of their theater, a venue that has now been doing live shows in Corson, South Dakota for the last four decades.

The Mighty Corson Art Players are a theater group that’s now hit a milestone.

“We’re out here celebrating our 40th-anniversary party, so we just got a whole bunch of past members here, audience members and actors, and a whole bunch of people supporting our community for the last 40 years,” Ryan Howe, a board member, said.

“We’ve been planning, we had a committee, we had a 40th-anniversary committee that met periodically to get everything together and plan and ask all of our sponsors,” Kylie Murray, the group’s social media coordinator, said.

Martha Smith is one of the original founders of the Mighty Corson Art Players, and she was here today for the celebration.

“We’re so proud and so happy that they’re keeping it going, and all the improvements that they’ve made,” Smith said. “The first show that I directed was ‘You can’t it with You’ and we had birds coming in the building.”

“The community out here has been so great and so welcoming, that I could not keep coming back for seven years now it’s been so great,” Brian Schipper, president of Mighty Corson Art Players, said.