SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Burgers, fries, and life skills were on the menu at a weekly cooking class Thursday night.

15-year-old Sahr Momorie admits he was hesitant at first about getting involved in the culinary arts program.

“But then the first day I took it then I was on board with taking it,” Momorie said.

The idea started after a teacher reached out to Vangaurd Hospitality owner Tim Meagher and his wife about a need for food for some Sioux Falls kids over a break.

“It felt good at the time to give, and I walked away with, ‘It’s not sustainable to give to a black hole when you have to continue. What is it that’s in my life that I’ve been gifted that I can give back?'” Meagher said.

Vanguard Hospitality got ahold of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire.

“And so we decided to partner with them and go ahead and create a program to enable our kids to understand how to cook better, to take that home, and be able to feed their families,” said Bray Medrano with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire.

Joshua Jackson has been cooking professionally for 20 years.

He’s one of the instructors teaching the chefs in training.

“A couple weeks ago we did a stir fry class and trying to teach a kid how to flip a pan instead of mixing it with a spatula was interesting because everybody’s trying to do it. When you can do it naturally, you’re watching them struggle sometimes and be frustrated, but if they got it, they’re like, ‘Yeah!'” Jackson said.

12-year-old Brandt Hoefert has gone from just cooking eggs to learning new recipes.

“I want to honestly start my own restaurant,” Hoefert said.

The students aren’t just building burgers; they’re also building confidence.

“Just the cooking and how it was helping us in the future, so you don’t need people to cook for you. Cook for yourself,” Momorie siad.

That’s one of the ingredients to a more self-sufficient life.

The kids get to take the cooking equipment home with them once they complete the program.