SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a massive multi-million dollar project currently underway at the Sioux Falls city landfill.

Welcome to the big dig.

“It’s a big project, we have 1.3 million cubic yards of material to excavate out of there to get ready for the next cell,” landfill superintendent Donny Kuper said.

Three weeks ago the city rolled out some big equipment to start digging what’s called ‘cell 4’ at the city landfill.

It’s to make room for the estimated 16,000 tons of waste Sioux Falls and surrounding areas produce every month.

‘Cell 3,’ where your junk is currently tossed, is almost full.

That’s why the city is now going the extra yard to prep this spot for future waste.

“To the lowest grade it’s about 75 feet lower than the existing grade, then we’ll continue to raise that fill up to our permitted height,” Kuper said.

Which will ultimately be another 75 feet in the air once the garbage is all buried, 10 years from now.

Even after these earthscrapers finish digging this cell, the work will be far from over.

“A contractor will come in and place the geosynthetic liner leach eight collection systems, all of our landfill gas leach eight infrastructure,” Kuper said.

In other words, they’re going to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly when the city starts dumping trash here in 2023.

The city has plans for a total of 10 cells at that site for the future, which extends the lifespan of the landfill until about 2080.