BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — People in Brandon are collaborating with the City to build a new community center.

This open field doesn’t look like much right now but the city of Brandon is working with a non-profit organization to turn this into a community wellness center.

“Our desire is to have a place where people can come, where they can build relationships,” said John Semchenko, President of Brandon Wellness Inc.

Members of Brandon Wellness Inc. have been collaborating with the community and the City to create just that.

“What does the community want? What does the community need? We’re in the process right now of looking into that and matching it with organizations, contractors that can come in and match meet the needs,”

As of now, the City is providing utilities and 40 acres of land in Aspen Park. Board member Mike Bergst says the center will provide a valuable space, especially in the wintertime.

“We like to say there are five reasons we are doing this and that’s: November, December, January, February, March (laugh),” said Mike Bergst, Board Member of Brandon Wellness Inc.

In a couple of years, this empty field will be home to a covered turf field for sports, a gym and a daycare center to name a few.

“That park area is only used four or five months a year, the rest of the time it just sits there. Well this is a way that i can be used most of the time and people instead of going to Sioux Falls, would be able to come here, just down the street,” Bergst said.

You can find more information about the project as well as links to donate here. Construction the Center is expected to begin next March.