SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Pettigrew Heights and Cathedral area neighborhood in Sioux Falls is hosting an end-of-summer bash tonight at what used to be Lincoln Elementary School. This celebration is kicking off a campaign to get the attention of the city of Sioux Falls and the school board.

The Pettigrew Heights and Cathedral area is one of the most dense neighborhoods in Sioux Falls and neighbors are advocating for their green space to be named an official city park.

“Some of my friends don’t have yards so it’s really fun to play tag with them and they’re like ‘Ah it’s so much space,'” said Alethia McKeever, community member.

Evan Cadwell moved to Sioux Falls with his family about five years ago.

“I’ve seen people fly their kites out here. Obviously, people enjoy the community garden too. And if that were to be expanded, I imagine a lot of people would love it,” said Caldwell, a volunteer with the Save Lincoln Park Committee.

For incoming 7th grader Archer Hansen, he likes to play catch with his friends.

“I like to come with my neighbor friend and we like to bring a football or a Frisbee and throw that around,” said Hansen, a community member.

The problem is, this property is owned by the Sioux Falls School District, which hasn’t made a decision on the future of the space.

“We poured in hundreds of hours, all volunteer hours and we just would really love to see this be a park and there’s tremendous support, but we just need folks to sit around a table and make things final,” said Lura Roti, a volunteer in the neighborhood Cathedral Historic District Watch Group.

City Council member Greg Neitzert says he will fully support this project once the school board makes a decision.

“When they come to that determination which may be soon, I would love for the city to work with the school district to make it a park. I really feel strongly that a park is the right thing for this space,” said Neitzert. “It’s been used and enjoyed by children for 100 years and I’d love to see us for the next 100 as a park this is a very high-density neighborhood. There’s very few yards and green spaces are even more important when you don’t have yards.”

KELOLAND News reached out to the school board for comment. The board had no new updates on the property at this time.

Last year’s story on the neighborhood’s vision for the space in May 2022.