SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KELO) – “The water was up my driveway, our bunny cages were just about underwater. So my brother helped me get the bunnies out and our pets, that’s all we care about and we left,” said Liz Scholten, Sioux Center resident.

Scholten says her neighbors near the Westbrook Village were affected more than others in Sioux Center.

“When I came home there was a really bad smell like electrical was burning and I called the city and they came in shut my power off and told me not to turn it on until later when the water went down,” said Scholten.

City officials had their hands full all day on Saturday.

“We had calls at residences where water was caving in through windows. Basements we’re caving in as well so just some serious situations that way,” said Josh Koedam, Sioux Center police chief.

The city officials estimate they had about 9 to 10 inches of rain, if not more, in just a few hours. The city is giving out flood clean-up kits free of charge for anyone in the community.

“So based on what we have for cleaning kits gone, there’s probably 150. At least I’m guessing, there’s a couple 100 or more that are at least affected to some extent,” said Nate Huizenga, Sioux County emergency management and sheriff’s office.

Volunteers in the community came together to help those stuck in the streets during the flood.

“The main thing was anytime somebody got stranded in the water, they called 911. We would take a fire truck to that area, and try to help them out, get them out of the vehicle and then get the vehicle towed out of the water,” said David Vanholland, Sioux Center fire chief.

Luckily, no one died or was seriously hurt but cleanup is going to take some time.