BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — Art can pop up in any form. Just ask Los Angeles-based architect and artist Garth Britzmam.

“A lot of my work uses ordinary materials that we would see in a store or in our house,” Garth Britzman said.

The Brookings native’s creation is crafted out of thousands of inflatable play balls and held together by netting.

The piece is called Common Thread, and it weaves its way to different spots throughout the city.

On Thursday the balls were formed into a forty, but the next time you see the sculpture it will be in a different shape.

“Sometimes we’ve arranged Common Thread in more of a landscape orientation. That allows kids to come and sit on it and move it around,” Britzman said.

The sculpture was brought to Brookings by the Brookings Public Arts Commission.

“It’s been great to see the kids and the big kids and the families come across it and be surprised and startled and that’s really what public art is about,” Brookings Public Arts Commission Chair Darla Biel said.

The piece is only temporary, but for now the community can have a ball watching it pop up throughout town.

“We welcome people of all ages to come and enjoy the art and interpret it and enjoy it in their own way,” Britzman said.

You still have a few more chances to see the sculpture.

It will be at the Brookings Summer Arts Festival this weekend and the Brookings Farmers Market on the 20th.