BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — Another Halloween is in the books, and costumes are making their way into storage. If you’d prefer to save some space and help a cause, there’s a Brandon resident who’s already looking forward to October 31st, 2024.

One look at Carl’s Cornfield in Brandon, and it’s no secret that Halloween is Megan Corcoran’s favorite holiday.

“It’s a holiday you can enjoy if you’re rich, if you’re poor, there’s no judgment, you can be anything you want to be,” Carl’s Closet creator Megan Corcoran said.

Halloween is an eerie good time, but costumes aren’t cheap.

“Your average costume runs about $50, and that’s a lot for anybody and if you have multiple kids you’re talking $100, $200 easily,” Corcoran said.

That’s why Megan is starting Carl’s Closet.

“I want everybody to enjoy Halloween, whether you have money or not to buy costumes, so I decided why not do a costume drive, give everybody the opportunity to have costumes, so with everybody growing out of their costumes they end up in totes in the end, why not do it this way,” Corcoran said.

She’s collecting costumes now to distribute next Halloween to those in need.

“Next fall, we’ll have a free store essentially where people can come and shop and pick out costumes,” Corcoran said.

“When I heard about it, I went up into my storage space in my garage and I realized how many old Halloween costumes we really have that we’ve saved up over the years that we’ve never going to do anything with,” King Bird Coffee Shop’s Michael Gross said. “So why not donate them back to people that can actually use them,” Gross added.

Michael Gross’ family owns King Bird Coffee Shop, which is one of three costume drop-off locations in Brandon.

“I had heard about this and thought it was such a great connection with Brandon because we love to do anything with Brandon,” Gross said.

And Corcoran is already visualizing Halloween, 2024, with a little help from Carl’s Closet.

“Lots of smiles and parents’ relief and kids getting to enjoy Halloween,” Corcoran said.

If you’d like to donate a Halloween costume, drop-off locations include King Bird Coffee Shop, Bargain Bins 605, and Carl’s Cornfield on east Meadowlark Court — all in Brandon.