SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This cold snap will hang on for several days in eastern KELOLAND.

There are plenty of frigid days on the job for animal control officers.

“Our office is our truck, so we’re outside. All of our calls that we do are outside,” Sioux Falls Animal Control supervisor Patty Beckman said.

In fact, animal well-being calls go up when temperatures fall, but these officers stay prepared.

“We just bundle up. We wear our coats, vests, hats,” Beckman said.

Sanford’s Dr. Donald Ellis says layers and limiting your time outside are key when the cold sets in.

“Well-fitting shoes. Moisture-wicking is great, particularly if you’re going to be doing something with your hands like shoveling snow. If your hands get sweaty, that can put them at risk for frostbite,” Dr. Donald Ellis said.

As you dress for the cold, be sure to cover vulnerable areas such as your nose, ears, fingers, and cheeks.

If you are outside and you start to feel tingling or numbness, listen to your body and head inside to warm up.

“You do want to have some common sense as well that when you start getting those cues like, ‘Hey, I’m starting to get uncomfortable outside,’ that’s a great time to go inside. ‘But I have so much work to do,’ It’s okay, it’ll still be there when you get done,” Ellis said.

On top of dressing for the cold, animal control officers also use their trucks as a way to stay warm on the job.

“As long as you’re able to take breaks and get warmed up and you can go back out in it,” Beckman said.

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