SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – We are getting a slight break in the cold temperatures, but they will return again just in time for the new year.

As temperatures tumble over the next couple of days, you’ll want to make sure your car can handle the bitter cold.

“Every time it’s in for a service, and a lot of shops do this, it’s a good check, we test batteries, look at the coolant, make sure everything is serviced and ready to go, but we do have a few stragglers come in and they need some services done so get your antifreeze tested for how good it’s for and then the batteries tested,” owner of Airway Auto Service, Tom Broadbent said.

The cold temperatures can also affect your car starting right away. Broadbent has a few suggestions.

“If it’s cranking extremely slow and you’re thinking this thing is not going to start, actually touching the gas pedal is a good thing, shuts the gas off, the computer knows it’s not running, it’ll help the car fire out and it won’t flood,” Broadbent said.

You should start your car and let it warm up a few minutes before driving it.

“Let it get acclimated, the computer systems and everything are pretty instantaneous, but when it’s that cold out, give it a chance, it will warm your car up, and it’s for your safety, your windows won’t fog over, when it’s super cold, your breath will fog over the windows, if you let the car warm up a minute, it doesn’t happen,” Broadbent said.

When temperatures drop it’s not uncommon to have low tire pressure. But if you repeatedly keep getting that notification on your vehicle, you may want to go and get it checked out.