SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –We’ve had a cold spring this year. For example, Aberdeen didn’t hit 60 degrees until April 20th. But past springs have been warmer.

From the beginning of the year through the end of April, Aberdeen averages 16 days that reach 60 degrees or warmer. Watertown averages 14, Sisseton 15, Pierre 22, and Mobridge 18 days.

This April was colder. When looking at years with the fewest days featuring 60 degree or warmer weather through the first four months of the year, 4 of these 5 cities were among their top 10.

Aberdeen has only had five years on record with fewer days through April that hit 60 degrees, and Sisseton has only had two. 4 of the 5 cities set records for fewest 60 degree days back in 1975.

Pierre set its record in 2012 for the most 60-degree days through the end of April with 41. As for Aberdeen and Watertown, they set records in 1910 for the most 60-degree days through the end of April.

We are slowly bringing warmer temperatures in with highs in the 70s through the 7 day forecast.