SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It already feels like it’s been a long winter in KELOLAND and it’s about to feel longer. Especially for those who work to keep our streets clear of snow.

In Sioux Falls, the street department is getting the fleet of plows and graders ready to hit the road.

The crews know they have another battle on their hands with the amount of snow and the expected wind. The city’s plow drivers have put in long hours this winter.

And they are about to put in more.

“The hours have been insane, you don’t see your family, it’s been rough,” said plow driver Shannon Johnson.

Johnson drives plows and graders for the city. She expects this storm to be a challenging one because of the amount of snow we are expecting.

“The streets are going to get super narrow there are going to be piles of snow everywhere, ice chunks and there is nothing we can do about it. So it’s going to be bad.”

Tom Hanson: What do you want people to know about how they can help you guys out?

“Just know that we are trying, said Johnson. We aren’t trying to put stuff in your driveway, we are not trying to block you in and we aren’t trying to bury your car we just have nowhere left to put it.”

Street Operations manager Dustin Hansen says this winter has been a challenge for his crews.

“Last week I think was the first week that I started approving 40 hour weeks, so that was kind of surprising you know because they’ve been putting 70,80, 90 hours weeks in and so a couple weeks of that has kind of helped but just to kind of know here we go again, they’re tired we are all tired, but we are tough people and we will fight through this one as well,” said Hansen.

Hansen’s last piece of advice, stay home if you can, give plow drivers room and if there is any way to get your car off the street please do it. Emergency snow routes are the city of Sioux Falls’ first priority.

They are marked with signs and include most of the city’s major streets. Parking on these routes during a snow alert is a $35 fine and the cost of towing.